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Artist Profile

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  While living in Washington D.C. she began to work with light, fire, and temperatures.

She has participated in shows throughout the U.S., Europe, and South America.  Some of her shows include the first show of E.A.T. at the Brooklyn Museum in New York.  Two fire sculptures were shown at “Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Elements of Art” at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.  She has appeared in many “Arte de Sistemas” by CAYC shows in Europe and South America.  And in 1969 was awarded a prize for one of her light sculptures at the Biennial in Cali, Colombia.

Dignac first came to the Arizonan Sonora desert to continue her series Fire Gestures.  She became fascinated by the never-ending horizon and moved here with her family.  In 1978, she appeared with a fire gesture, 234 Gloves, at the Arcosanti Festival in Cordless Junction, Arizona.  And one of her fire gestures, Rio Salado, was filmed by KAET-PBS in Tempe, Arizona.

Always exploring she began using metal in 2005 as a continuation of her Plexiglas and vinyl sculptures.

More recently, Dignac showed her Fire Gesture images at Bis-Altes Museum in Monchengladbach, Germany.  She has appeared at Art Santa Fe two years in a row and at the Pinta Art Fair with her light sculptures in 2008.  Her work is in both private and museum collections.

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Born in Buenos Aires. Argentina. Lived in the Washington, D.C. area and now resides in Phoenix.


Tucson Museum of Art – Tucson, Arizona, USA
CAYC Center for Art and Communication - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Arcosanti Foundation - Cordes Junction, Arizona, USA
School of Visual Arts – Caracas, Venezuela
“The Dematerialization of Art” ICASA at New York University - New York, USA
University of Advancing Technology – Tempe, Arizona, USA


IX Festival of Art Museo de Arte Moderno La Tertulia-Cali, Colombia Award for Light Sculpture
II and III Biennial of Art – Medellin, Colombia
Museo de Arte Moderno – Bogota, Colombia
Museo de Arte Moderno - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Palais de Beaux Arts – Brussels, Belgium
Galeria D’Arte Moderna – Ferrara, Italy
Fundacio Joan Miro – Barcelona, Spain
Space Pierre Cardin – Paris, France
Institute of Contemporary Arts – London, England
International Cultural Center – Antwerp, Belgium
Art System at the International Artistic Encounter CAYC – Pamplona, Spain
I and II Biennial of Graphic Arts – Cali, Colombia
X Festival of Art Museo de Arte Moderno La Tertulia – Cali, Colombia
Latinoamericano Art Foundation - San Juan, Puerto Rico
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art – Humlebaek, Denmark
Galeria 22 and Cinema 2 – Caracas, Venezuela
Bis-Altes Museum - Monchengladbach. Germany


Corcoran Gallery of Art – Washington, D.C., USA
Institute of Contemporary Art – Washington, D.C., USA
Flint Institute of Arts – Flint, Michigan, USA
Museum of Modern Art/Brooklyn Museum of Art Experiments in Art & Technology - NY, USA
North Carolina Museum of Art – Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
Museum of Fine Arts Earth, Air, Fire, Water-Elements of Art - Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Everson Museum of Art – Syracuse, New York, USA
East Hampton Gallery - New York City, New York, USA
Ringling Museum of Art – Sarasota, Florida, USA
Pyramid Gallery – Washington, D.C., USA
Frick Museum – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Osuna Art Gallery – Bethesda, Maryland, USA
Tucson Museum of Art – Tucson, Arizona, USA
Art Santa Fe - Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Alejandra Von Hartz Gallery - Miami, Florida, USA
Pinta Art Fair - New York City, New York, USA
Coconino Center for the Arts “Quaterra Show” – Flagstaff, Arizona, USA
Phoenix Art Museum – Phoenix, Arizona, USA


3 Fire Gestures-Southwest 1970 – Imperial Sand Dunes, California, USA
234 Gloves Arcosanti Festival – Cordes Junction, Arizona, USA
South Arrow and La Casualidad – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Snow & Fire – Oakton, Virginia, USA
Drawing with Fire in Space – Oakton, Virginia, USA
Flare Signs – Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Pow Wow – Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Nadja en Llamas – Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Caroni and Orinoco Rivers – Venezuela
Rio Salado (KAET-PBS produced video of Fire Gesture) - Tempe, Arizona, USA
Winter Solstice - Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Conflagration-Iraq – Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Contacts (collaboration with other artists same moment different locations around the world)


• Fabricated sculpture Nitinol & Heat using Fire and Nitinol Alloys (metal with a memory) with
William Buehler, metallurgist, and the Naval Ordinance Laboratory – 1971
Boston Museum of Art – Boston, Massachusetts, USA
• Fabricated sculpture Toy Machine with engineers Hernan Otano & Richard Martin, artist Jose Y.
Bermudez – 1958 E.A.T. Experiments in Art & Technology Brooklyn Museum of Art – New York, USA


• Sand Fire, Fire Over Water and Forms of Fire in Mid-Air
Monumental fire sculptures (beyond technology, a project for the future)
• Soil Temperatures of the San Andreas Fault – California, USA


Art and the Future by Douglas Davis - Praeger Publishers 1973
American Women Artists by Charlotte Strifer Rubinstein – G.K. Hall & Co. 1982
Kansas Quarterly “Performance & Enviromental Art” Vol.17, No.3 Cover & pgs 27-37 1985
Del Pop Aer a La Nueva Imagen by Jorge Glusberg Eds de Arte Gaglianome Argentina 1985
Art in Argentina by Jorge Glusberg Giancarlo Politi Editore Milan, Italy 1986
Art of Latin America 1900-1980 by Marta Traba – Inter American Development Bank 1994
Encyclopedia of XX Century North American Women Artists by Jules Heller and Nancy G. Heller –
Garland Publishing of New York and London 1995
Mujeres “Una Artista del Fuego” by Mariella de la Torre Cover & Pgs 4-6 Oct 23, 1995 Ecuador
Latin American Women Artists of the United States by Robert Henkes McFarland Publisher 1999-2009
Sculpture Magazine “Geny Dignac Playing with Fire” by Nancy G. Heller Pgs 54-59 July/August 2015
“On the Town” television interview KAET-PBS - Tempe, Arizona, USA
Radio interview with KDKB - Mesa, Arizona, USA
“Every Woman” television interview WTOP-CBS - Washington, D.C., USA
Television interview Channel 5 - Caracas, Venezuela
“Voice of the Americas” radio interview – Washington, D.C., USA
Radio interview U.S.I.A. – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Television interview with art critic Paul Richard of Washington Post – San Juan, Puerto Rico
Fundacio Joan Miro - Barcelona, Spain
Palazzo Dei Diamanti – Ferrara, Italy
Museo La Tertulia – Cali, Colombia
Museo del Banco Central del Ecuador – Guayaquil, Ecuador
The Latinoamericano Art Foundation – San Juan, Puerto Rico
Phoenix Art Museum – Phoenix, Arizona, USA
The Royal Caribbean Art Collection
Private Collections in USA, Europe and the Americas

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